Valencia Beaches

Valencia’s has a pleasant enjoyable weather all year-round. This pleasant weather allows retirees to enjoy the beach 10 months out of the year.

Valencia is also a historical, vibrant city with easy access to multiple historically interesting and culturally rich site. It also enjoys a beautiful coastline that, inexplicably, has been overlooked by many people looking for retirement community in the region.

The weather is pleasant year-round, with an average daytime temperature of 70 degrees. And it’s not only the cost of buying a home here that’s a bargain right now. The cost of living in Valencia is one of its biggest attractions. You can see a doctor for as little as 35 euros, or get top quality health insurance for as little as 75 Euros per month. Rent an apartment at the beach starting at 500 euros and enjoy a beer in a coastal bar for one euro. A man can have his hair cut (a good gauge for the cost of living in a place) in a city-center salon for five euros.


“valencia has low housing costs and an affordable cost of living.!”

Now is the best time in a long time to be paying attention to Valencia, but its real assets are timeless. Thanks to its long and complicated history, Valencia is a melting pot that has evolved to have its own distinct culture that is evident in its language, place names and architecture. Valencians are fierce individualists, though not separatist like their Catalan neighbors to the north.

Even at first glance, CocoCay looks like the quintessential Caribbean hideaway. There are wide stretches of beach in quiet coves, island huts in bright Caribbean pinks and blues, and a colorful straw market offering Bahamian crafts and goods.

Many of the island buildings look brand new and they are. In 2002, the company invested more than US$ 21 million to turn this 140-acre (0.5 km) slip of land into a destination their passengers would never forget. Nature trails wind through the isle, which is home to wild chickens, peacocks and occasional iguanas. Those seeking solitude will enjoy the hammocks that are hung under coconut trees in quiet locations.

Valencia Mountains

Sea lovers have plenty of activities to choose from. For a great view drive 50 minutes to mountains.

Valencia, like many other cities in Europe was hit hard by the 2008 property crisis and is now awash in bargains.

You can see in the center of town and see for rent and for sale signs at nearly every angle, some handwritten, including one offering a three-room apartment in the Plaza Espana area for 49,000 euros. It helps if you have a Spanish friend who can make initial inquiries for you, but under any circumstances this is a buyer’s market.

A few tower cranes are creeping back onto the skyline, and real estate buyers are arriving from Madrid, Barcelona and beyond. This is the time to be shopping.

“The weather in valencia is ideal for living an active, healthy outdoors lifestyle, this part of the Mediterranean offers some of the finest beaches in Europe. Valencia’s beaches are well preserved, well maintained and unspoiled. The main city beaches include El Cabanal, Las Arenas and Malvarossa, all with Blue Flag status, as well as El Saler to the south inside the Albufera Natural Park. In addition, the mountains are within easy reach”

The cruise ship docks right at the island (other cruise ships use tender boats to ferry passengers back and forth), so youngsters can head right down the ship’s ramp and out to explore Castaway Cay. There is a beach just for families, and Scuttle’s Cove is a safe and fun club for children. Parents need some time on their own, so there is Serenity Bay, a secluded beach for adults. For a little pampering, have a relaxing massage in the open-air cabanas at the seaside spa.

Street in Key West

Game for a little exploration? Then grab a bike (child seats are available for little ones) and hit the trails (US$ 6 per hour). This is, after all, a secluded island getaway, and there are miles of empty shoreline and tropical forest to explore.

If you prefer the water, check out the Walking and Kayak Nature Adventure ($60). Participants walk with a guide through the island’s lush fauna and kayak through an ecologically sensitive mangrove environment. If paddling wears you out, just jump in for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear island waters.

Teens can get into their own adventure on The Wild Side (US$ 35), an excursion that includes snorkeling, biking and kayaking. Families who want to adventure together can try the Seahorse Catamaran Snorkel Adventure (US$ 49 adults, US$ 29 children). This easy 45-minute sail takes you out to calm waters and unspoiled coral reefs. Even younger children will enjoy floating in the turquoise Caribbean Sea with schools of colored fish.

View of the Caribbean Sea

Visitors to the tiny islet of Motu Mahana (Polynesian for sunlit island) are greeted with the sounds of Polynesia. Les Gauguines, an eight-woman song and dance troupe, perform beguiling love songs in their Polynesian tongue while guests enjoy a scrumptious feast under the shade of thatched huts. After lunch, guests can relax in the sea or wade for yards in the shallow waters while waiters wearing bathing suits offer tropical drinks to those in need of refreshment.

Try out the complimentary water sports like kayaking or snorkeling. For a different experience, board a motorized outrigger canoe and head to the beautiful island lagoon of Taha’a. Taha’a is known for two things: producing vanilla and black pearls.

Guests can take a four-wheel drive tour into the hills to tour the vanilla plantations (US$ 65) or view French Polynesia’s rare jewel, the black pearl, at the Motu Pearl Farm (US$ 64). From there, head to the lagoon for some quality time with the region’s underwater fauna. There is even a small lagoonarium where rays, turtles, sharks and fish are enclosed in four different pools.


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