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Valencia’s Central Market is one of the oldest active running food markets in Europe. The building itself was constructed in early 1900s in authentic Valencian style, with lots of colours, ceramics and mosaics. It is really worth seeing – go all the way around it to appreciate different angles. The market is still as lively as ever, as if centuries have not passed by.

A snapshot of real Valencian daily life and, needless to say, a perfect place to buy some local delicacies.

Valencia’s Central Market is divided into various sections depending on the type of food available, almost all foods are local, fresh and traditional. You will find excellent quality meats, great quality Jamon Serrano and -naturally- fresh organic vegetables…

“Valencia’s Central Market is one of the largest and oldest markets in Europe, covering an area of over eight thousand square metres.The building itself was Built between 1914 and 1928 and A market has been  in the same place since the thirteenth century.”

Valencia Central Market

The origins of the present Central Market must be sought in Muslim times. At that time in the well-known like suburb of the Boatella, outside the walls of the city, settled a Muslim market or souk. In 1261 after being conquered Valencia by King Jaime I the Conqueror, this one grants a privilege to the city to celebrate weekly market in the area of the Boatella.
The fifteenth century came, and with it, the Golden Age of the city, which lived a great economic prosperity, so that the first requirements of market creation were recorded. Its fame transcended in such a way that came to install French weavers, Swiss and German smithies, as well as Genoese and Maltese with the canvas market. Although it was necessary to wait until century XVIII for the creation of the building. The building we see today began in 1914 and was not fully completed until 1928.

Valencia Central Market

This market, so appreciated by the Valencians, is one of the tourist attractions of the city and a place of encounter and tradition, with a great variety of seafood, nuts, meats, sausages, fruits … Some of its best products can be tasted in Delicious dishes, such as a paella in some rice or Malvarrosa restaurant. Valencia is tradition and gastronomy, art and beauty.
The market itself is divided into various but somewhat ambiguous sections depending on the type of food available, almost all of which is very local, very fresh and very traditional. Some of which, for someone who has never even been into a Spanish supermarket, for example, can be quite a surprise, specifically the goriness of the meat displays being one of them!

Another thing that leaps out at the food is as as fresh as is literally possible, stopping short of actually going out and grabbing the produce out of the back of the farmers truck yourself.

when you walk around here is the sheer quality of the food, it’s all pretty much organic

Valencia Central Market

Its architecture…
The domes, of iron, glass and ceramics (the central one reaches 30 meters of height) and the veletas that crown them, the one of the cotorra and the one of the fish, are integrated to a panoramic landscape of towers and bell towers eminently Valencian. Keeping the spirit of the city for the market at all times.


Valencia Central Market


Circling the outside, ironmongery selling paellas (the shallow pan from which the rice dish gets its name) ranging in size from the smallest one person portion to the vast extended-family affairs, are inter-spaced with stands where you can enjoy a tapas or a glass of fresh orange juice. Inside, the cast-iron framework towering over the multicoloured stalls is reminiscent of a huge Victorian railway station. The central dome is decorated with stained glass oranges and lemons, representing the typical produce of the Valencian region.

Valencia Central Market


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